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CAPMAN - Compatibility check to Upgrading the Linux OS from 6.9 (Santiago) to 6.10


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CA Capacity Manager


CAPMAN Version: 2.9.4

Our CAPMAN Database server is running in Linux 6.9 (Santiago) Version.

Server team have planned to upgrade the existing OS "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.9 (Santiago)" to 6.10.

So that we are checking the compatibility of CAPMAN Tool with RHEL 6.10 OS.

Could you please confirm will it be okay to upgrade the Linux OS to 6.10?.

Any changes needs to be done from CAPMAN Tool level after the 6.10 upgradation?.



Release : 2.9.4

Component : CA Hyperformix Decision Support Server


As per the compatibility matrix only 6.2 is supported.


Product Management suggested as below

The current supported version is Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 6.2

There are no plans to certify or verify on  Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 6.10 as it is on ELS till 2024.

In future if there is a need then it might be certified with either RHEL 7/8 versions, but there is no timeline defined for the same yet.