Clarity: 13.0 Upgrade - Knowledge Store Files seem to be missing
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Clarity: 13.0 Upgrade - Knowledge Store Files seem to be missing


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After upgrading to Clarity 13.0, we can see the documents in the application under Knowledge Store and within the Collaboration tab on investments. When clicking on the document to access the file, a message appears to indicate that the file cannot be found.


There are two significant changes to the Clarity V13 upgrade process that directly affect the filestore feature. These changes require action during the upgrade process to ensure that this feature operates correctly after the upgrade. Such changes are necessary if the files are not stored in the database. If the filesĀ are stored in the database, then no action is required. Determining if files are stored in the database can be done by using the Clarity System Administration application. Login to the application and navigate to the Documents and Search link under the Properties tab. Review the Store Files in the Database property.

If the database has not been used as the filestore repository, action must be taken. Failure to follow these steps can potentially lead to permanent loss of the file store contents.

On Premise Customers: Please download this attachment and follow the steps to implement the necessary configuration changes.
On Demand Customers: No action is required. CA On Demand Team will perform the necessary steps for the necessary configuration changes.


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus

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