ca-wcc-services will not start after upgrade to R12.01 due to Derby database not upgraded
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ca-wcc-services will not start after upgrade to R12.01 due to Derby database not upgraded


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CA Workload Automation AE


It has been observed on a few scenarios after upgrading to WebUI to R12.01, the  WebUI process CA-wcc-services would fail to start.


AutoSys Workload Automation  12.X
AutoSys Workload Automation WebUI (WCC)


Upon investigation, the problem identified is due to the Derby database did not get upgraded as part of the WebUI upgrade.



The Derby database is not designed to be a production database for WCC. This is been a quoted text during the installation (popup appears upon selecting the default derby db) and in the following documentation as well:

The recommendation is to migrate to one of the supported enterprise database solutions (Oracle Or Microsoft SQL Server) for WebUI, besides AutoSys Workload Automation server.

While the exact root cause for the particular problem is unknown, This scenario of skipping the Derby database schema upgrade is not often seen.

Unfortunately, The product installer does not have an option to upgrade the database schema alone if it is derbydb.

The following steps can be taken as a precautionary prior to running the upgrade. This will help in not losing the existing views and configurations for the WebUI - 

- Backup the WCC objects (Monitoring views, configurations, saved ECLI commands..etc) prior to running the upgrade. 

- A complete file system backup of WCC install directory after stopping all the services (If the existing WCC is hosted on a VM, take a snapshot).

If this issue arises, the existing WCC can be safely uninstalled to perform a fresh installation of WebUI 12.01. Subsequently, the exported objects (views and alert policies) can be imported to the newly installed version.

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