CA Deliver - Create definitions from provided data
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CA Deliver - Create definitions from provided data


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Is there a technique, in CA Deliver, to generate Deliver definitions to any environment using specific Text identification that allows you to build STACK report definitions?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver


Based on the client's file layouts, Deliver RMODBB statements were created, to be able to create definitions from data:

FILE1: Job Definitions
 1- 8   Jobname
10-49   Job Description
51-58   Step
60-67   Procstep
69-76   DD
80-111  Report ID
113-113 Type
/JOBDEF JOB=(1,8) DESC=(10,40) STEP=(51,8) PROCSTEP=(60,8) DD=(69,8) RID=(80,32) TYPE=(113,1)

FILE2: Report Definitions
 1-32   Report ID
34-73   Report Description
92-99   Form
101-106 Formdef
108-113 Pagedef
/RPTDEF RID=(1,32) DESC=(34,40) FORM=(92,8) FORMDEF=(101,6) PAGEDEF=(108,6)

FILE3A: Distribution ID Definitions
36-66   Distribution ID

FILE3B: Report Definition (Distribution ID information)
 1-32   Report ID
36-66   Distribution ID
72-72   Out
74-74   Rview
76-76   Reprt
78-78   Del
/RPTDEF RID=(1,32) DISTID=(36,32) LOUT=(72,1) LRVIEW=(74,1) LREPRT=(76,1) LDEL=(78,1)

FILE4: Report Definition (Text Identification)
 1-32   Report ID
34-34   Text Type
36-36   Text Reuse
38-39   Text Operator
41-43   Text Start Line
45-47   Text Start Col
49-101  Text
/RPTDEF RID=(1,32) TEXTTYPE=(34,1) TEXTREUS=(36,1) TEXTOP=(38,2) TEXTLINE=(41,3) TEXTCOL=(45,3) TEXT=(49,53)