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PCTransplant is unable to change from Shortname to FullQualifiedDomainName usage when referring to pctwiz.exe location


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Ghost Solution Suite PC Transplant


The customer is capturing computer "personalities" with PCTransplant (PCT) from one of his client computers. 

You may get “The system cannot find the file specified” on the GSS Console for the PCT task assigned to a computer.

In this particular environment, the server "short name" is not resolvable on his GSS server. 

The personality capture is failing around this area when the path to pctwiz.exe uses the server "shortname":

[04/29/2021 21:24:49.903 11652 2] ShouldExecuteThisExe() - CommandLine:\ghost01\express\pct\pctwiz.exe -p:"\images\myimages\migration\tst_template.pbt"  -user:"swccd*;nc7207-it-34634*;" -ep: -rp: -f:"\images\myimages\migrationc7207-it-34634.exe;0" -qm

We ran the same command above but adding the FQDN and it worked. 


GSS 3.3 RU7 and earlier


Known issue. The path to pctwiz.exe binary is hardcoded. It was set to only use the server "shortname".

The task allows to specify custom path (e.g. FQDN) to PCTransplant template and custom path to captured PCTransplant package, but not to the pctwiz.exe binary.

The path ignores the default connection setting specified during GSS install (i.e. IP address of GSS server)


This issue has been reported to the Broadcom Development team. A fix for this issue has been added to GSS 3.3 RU8 release.

We've added the ability to use UNC, IP Address, Short Name, and FQDN of the computer in CmdLine for "Capture Personality" tasks.