Slow response times when generating groups by using DMGROUP Data Adapter.
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Slow response times when generating groups by using DMGROUP Data Adapter.


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CA Capacity Manager



When generating groups by using DMGROUP Data Adapter (for use in Capacity Command Center), choosing a time period longer than a single day might cause extremely slow response times.

The DMGROUP Data Adapter requires only the most recent configuration data to successfully generate a grouping structure for your servers. Choosing a period of more than the most recent single day causes it to process data unnecessarily and provides no benefit.


Perform the following steps as workaround to ensure your groups are created correctly:

  1. When you create a data source for the DMGroups Data Adapter, you must point it to the same Data Manager schema which contains your data.

  2. When creating a data source, click Select Servers to verify your connection to the Data Manager database. If the connection is functioning, an item "1" appears in the field. Cancel without selecting anything - the Data Adapter will create groupings for all servers.

  3. When you load data or schedule a load for this Data Adapter, make sure you specify only a single hour from yesterday or earlier today. A longer time period adds no value and significantly impacts performance.

  4. Schedule DMGroups to run each night after the nightly load so that newly added servers are made available to Capacity Command Center each day.


Release: VIRPLP99000-2.9-Virtual Placement Package