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UIM 20.3 - Alarms from hubs that are in maintenance are not suppressed


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are observing alarms coming in from hubs that are on maintenance. We shouldn't receive these alarms as the originating hub is in maintenance. Maintenance mode registration failed. 

The alarms received are:

hub - hubname: XXX is unable to communicate with robot. This may indicate that the server is down

The issue is intermittent, however, the alarms affected are always of the same type. 


Release : 20.3



The intermittent issue is given by a communication problem between NAS and maintenance mode. When the NAS is unable to communicate due to network issues and consequently, the maint mode registration failed, the NAS will consider devices "no more in maintenance mode" and it will not suppress the alarms for the devices which were earlier in maintenance.


UIM 20.3.3 will include a new version of Nas that will resolve this problem. The enhanced NAS probe will handle this scenario differently, resolving the problem. 

With the latest fix, if NAS unable to communicate due to any network issues or registration failures it won't immediately consider devices "no more in maintenance, instead, it will retry first and once confirmed whether the device in maintenance mode or not, accordingly, it will act whether to suppress or not to suppress the alarm.


Additional Information

20.3.3 contains the fix for this issue.


 For more details refer to release notes : UIM 20.3.3 release notes

20.3.3 Service Pack can be downloaded from here on Broadcom Support Portal

This release is service pack over UIM 20.3, refer to deployment process