Cannot Install UIM robot on Ubuntu 20.x
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Cannot Install UIM robot on Ubuntu 20.x


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Install UIM robot on Ubuntu 64-bit Linux servers via UNIX/LINUX installation utility (nimldr) may not work and return the below error:

May 27 10:29:27:201 0 nimldr: Could not figure out what operating system you are running!


Another possible symptom is that nimldr is not able to find the hub it tries to attach to.  


UIM 20.3.x

Ubuntu 64-bit Linux


Ubuntu 20.x 64-bit Linux is supported on Robot 9.33/9.33S and higher


1. Access your 20.3.3 UIMHOME Page (http://<primary_hub_ip>/uimhome/installers.jsp), go to "OS Native Installers (supports silent mode only)" and locate the download for "Ubuntu 64-bit Robot".  

2. Preparing an Answer File must be a text file in the following syntax and format
Name the answer file nms-robot-vars.cfg

hubport=parent_hub_port_number (default port for a hub is 48002)

3. Copy the ubuntu Linux installer to /opt on the target system:

nimsoft-robot+ubuntu_amd64.deb 64-bit 

4. Copy the nms-robot-vars.cfg answer file (complated on step 2) to /opt.

5. Install the robot
On Debian or Ubuntu, execute the following command using sudo, su -c, or as the root user. Specify <OS> as debian or ubuntu, and specify <arch> as i386 or amd64.

dpkg -i nimsoft-robot+<OS>_<arch>.deb

6. Execute the script to configure the robot when the installer exits.

cd /opt/nimsoft/install bash

7. The installation is complete. To start the robot, use the following command
 /opt/nimsoft/bin/niminit start

Additional Information

Deploy Robots in Bulk with a Third-Party Tool and Native Installers (

Robot 9.33 can run on UIM 20.1, 20.3, 20.32 too, however, it needs nimsoft-robot+ubuntu_amd64.deb from 20.3.3 archive