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File agent error


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager


I had to reinstall the harvest client from our software deployment center and am now getting this:

---------- Begin <Check Out File> Process ----------
E03020028: The File Agent error for item MYLAPTOP\\C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\DOCS\README.TXT: No such file or directory.
I00060080: Check out summary: Total: 1; Success 0; Failed: 1; Not Processed: 0.
---------- End <Check Out File> Process ----------

Did the client not get fully installed?


Release : 13.0.3

Component : CA HARVEST SCM GUI/Harweb


Up at the top of the Check Out Process window, change the “Option:” field to “Preserve and Create Directory Structure”.  The problem in this case is that there isn’t already a “DOCS” folder underneath the “Desktop” folder and the option you’ve selected says to not create any new folders.