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SOLVE/Netmaster needs Secure Port for TCP/IP Link


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SOLVE:Operations Automation SOLVE:Access Session Management NetMaster File Transfer Management NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP NetMaster Network Automation NetMaster Network Management for SNA


We've got open unsecure port complaint in security audit. Reviewing shows that the inbound connection port is assigned to Solve Operations in socket definitions.

 *- SOCKETS - TCP/IP Sockets Interface ----------------------------------------*
 |                                                                             |
 | TCP/IP Software Type ........ IBM       (IBM, IBMV6, TCPACCES or NONE)      |
 |                                                                             |
| Inbound Connections Port .... 2636     (NONE, 257 to 65535)                |
 |                                                                             |
 | Retry Interval .............. 00.01     (Blank or time as            |
 |                                                                             |

Is it possible to secure this connection or to restrict the access to whitelist defined addresses?


Any SOLVE / Netmaster product in which the SOCKETS parameter group is active.


The SOLVE / NetMaster prodocts do not supply in-product support for securing ports defined in the customizer (/PARMS).  
The products do support IBM's AT-TLS and this is the recommended method for those who require sockets.