Retrieve Current Maintenance
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Retrieve Current Maintenance


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SYSVIEW Performance Management OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


I would like to download all maintenance since the base product was built.  I need this to include PTFs needed for MVS 2.4  ( SO10197,  SO10649,  SO11830,  SO12051,  SO12330 ).  How do I find the maintenance that I need, is there a job I run that retrieves all of the current maintenance?  We install with SMP/E


Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


There are multiple methods to retrieve the maintenance.  

Traditional Download 

To get all the required maintenance for CA Sysview 16.0 please visit our Broadcom support website..

Logon and select

Mainframe Software,

Product Downloads,

select Sysview.

At this screen, select the Solution Download tab (to the right of the Product Download, which is blue)..

Next select release 16.0 and a list of ptfs will populate.

To select all actual Sysview 16.0 ptfs, enter SYSVIEW in the SEARCH bar and press SEARCH. This will give a list of SYSVIEW PTF's.  Reply YES to adding more than 200 solutions.

Then press ADD ALL TO CART at the top and you will see at the top of the screen the 'CART' menu option gives the number (213, currently)..

Press the CART top menu option and you get to the Cart Download page.

Now a list of all the selected solutions should be visible.  Some are still not for CA Sysview 16.0..

You can delete them here via the buttons at the appropriate line... Or leave them....

Then press the CHECKOUT at the bottom of the page and a cart is created..

Download the ZIP file and upload it to your mainframe...

When it's on the mainframe use the CAUNZIP utility to unzip the file and get the SMPE JCL to receive these ptfs...

Note the little greenish slide bar that allows for a complete solution package with all dependencies (co-reqs, pre-requisites, etc) to be created. Optionally, you can select a chaining end date. This option will include all chained solutions up to the given date. See the date field below the slide bar.

Information on the CAUNZIP utility can be found at the CCS manual, this link:

Alternative Download Methods Available

Also in the CA Sysview manual we recommend you review:

Preventative Maintenance Strategy

We encourage you to look into using CA RS

CA Recommended Service for z/OS

SMP/e Internet Service Retrieval 

CA SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval which uses the IBM SMP/E RECEIVE ORDER service



z/OSMF which is the latest vehicle for obtaining preventive maintenance:

Maintain Products Using z/OSMF Software Update

The above new methods are more efficient for keeping you up-to-date with maintenance than manually doing it with the Solution Download.

Let us know if this information does the job for you. Please do look into the new methods for making this process more efficient for you.