My PLA Entitlements Portal Enhancements - June 14, 2021
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My PLA Entitlements Portal Enhancements - June 14, 2021


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Support Portal


The Broadcom Tools Team is pleased to announce several improvements being made to the existing Support Portal / My PLA Entitlements Portal functionality. These changes will be available at the Broadcom Support Portal on June 14, 2021.


When a user lands on the My PLA Usage tab, the default view has been streamlined to improve usability:

  • Automatic usage is hidden by default, select the Show Automatic Usage checkbox to include auto-usage in the view
  • Manual usage where usage = 0 is hidden

Pre-PLA baseline products will now be listed under the appropriate quarter view under the My PLA Usage tab along with a “Yes” under the Baseline column to improve findability and telemetry gathering requirements. 

The My PLA Entitlements Portal will now show the Components of a PLA Bundle in the UI to allow customers to easily identify additional products.

The Subscription Manager now has the ability to Unsubscribe from a PLA subscribed product in the event they wish to no longer make the product available to their organization (will be removed from the My Entitlements Portal) or the product was accidentally subscribed to. 


Minor UI Enhancements

Old Behavior: The Environment field accepted any text value which created inconsistencies in data entry and reporting

New Behavior: Users can only add values available in the drop-down menu

Old Behavior: Clicking the calendar icon auto-populated the Date Collected field with the current date forcing users to manually correct it if a different date was required

New Behavior: Users are required to first click the calendar icon before choosing a date from the calendar pop-up

Old Behavior: End-users were not made aware of required fields until they attempted to save the record

New Behavior: All required field have an asterisks visible in the UI

Additional Information

We trust these enhancements will provide you additional tools and resources to help get the most out of your online support experience.