How to do Java upgrade on WCC 11.4
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How to do Java upgrade on WCC 11.4


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CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys)


WCC 11.4.7 ships with JRE 1.8.0_202.  This can be upgraded to a newer JRE 1.8.x release.



Release : 11.3.6




1) Identify the version of JRE (32bit/64bit) is being used and then use appropriate JRE bit.
   /opt/CA/WorkloadCC/jre_32/bin (Windows:  C:\Program Files\CA\Workload Control Center\jre_32) ==>  32bit JRE (java -version -d32        ## should show it is 32bit )

   /opt/CA/WorkloadCC/jre/bin (Windows: C:\Program Files\CA\Workload Control Center\jre)   ==>  64bit JRE (java -version -d64        ## should show it is 64bit )

2) Stop WCC

3) Download appropriate latest 32bit and 64bit JREs

4) Rename both the JRE folders (from step#1 above) to a backup name

5) Unzip the latest 32bit and 64bit JREs appropriately as the jre_32  and jre  folder paths in step#1 above

6) After unzipping, ensure the java version is correct by repeating step#1

7) Make a change to both files below:

 C:\Program Files\CA\Workload Control Center\jre\lib\security\
 C:\Program Files\CA\Workload Control Center\jre_32\lib\security\

8) Identify the security.provider.X section in those files and add the next xx manually following entry:

 Note: Keep in mind that the above entry in your file, adjust the xx to be the next number in the sequence. Example:security.provider.11 or security.provider.12

9) Save the file and start WCC
   Note: if WCC SSL is involved, check this doc as well   to make sure the correct security setting is setting