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Alarms from one device from UIM to Spectrum with Multi-Tenancy show on 2 different landscapes


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Spectrum


The Alarms from UIM for one specific device from UIM modeled into spectrum are attached to 2 different devices in 2 different landscapes. Any Alarm generated in UIM from a specific device show on the correct device but, as well, on another device under a different landscape that is NOT mapped in the spectrumgtw probe.

The alarm gets generated in UIM for one server, gets also attached to a different device which si a Firewall in spectrum that is on a totally different landscape which is not monitored by UIM.

The only link between the 2 devices is that they have the same secondary IP address.


UIM 20.3

Spectrum 20.2.10 

spectrumgtw 8.69



When the Multi-Tenancy option is enabled within the Spectrumgtw a UIMEventAdmin model will be created on each landscape. The SBG_AlertForwardingEnabled/0x3dc000c attribute should be set to 'No' on each of these models.

If this is enabled it may forward the alarm to the remote landscape and because that device does have the IP (even as a secondary) it would get a copy of the event/alarm.


Set the SBG_AlertForwardingEnabled/0x3dc000c attribute to 'No' on each of these models.


When Multi-Tenancy is not enabled, there should only be 1 UIMEventAdmin model on the configured landscape BUT its SBG_AlertForwardingEnabled value should be 'Yes'

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