IM rebooted and secondary node didn't started IM
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IM rebooted and secondary node didn't started IM


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CA Identity Manager


Did a restart the server where we install the IDM.

When the server restarted the jboss application wasn't able to restore properly.

We found out the problem was in the database server which doesn't restarted as expected. We manage to restore the communication between IDM and oracle DB but only the first node come to live, the second one still down.  



Release : 14.2

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


for some reason the folder deployments in Jboss was not showing that iam_im.ear.deployed present indicating a problem during the deploy


Since this is not deployed you need create in that machine a file named as iam_im.ear.dodeploy and try start IM. This will try deploy IM in that server where is not deployed yet.