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Error: "ORA-12560: TNS:Protocol adapter error" when logging into sqlplus as sysdba


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Symantec Data Loss Prevention
Oracle 19c

After an upgrade of Oracle to 19c, attempts to log into sqlplus as sysdba fail with the error "ORA-12560: TNS:Protocol adapter error".

RDP to the Oracle server, launch an Administrator command window, attempt to log into sqlplus as sysdba.

The command used to log in is "sqlplus sys/<password> as sysdba".
This command worked in the previous version of Oracle.
Logging in as the protect user works.


Release : Oracle 19c

Component : Multitenant PDB/CDB


Oracle 19c was installed using the multitenant PDB/CDB model.
This type of install uses containers that require that you specify the container you are logging into.


Specify the container you are logging into with this command:

sqlplus sys/<password>@protect as sysdba

Where "protect" is the DLP database container.