spectrumgtw fails on connection validation to UMP and or webservices_rest
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spectrumgtw fails on connection validation to UMP and or webservices_rest


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When configuring the spectrumgtw probe, we are getting failures when validating the connection to UMP, or same error when trying to Save the configuration.  We have the webservices_rest package deployed to the UMP/OC server.   Our validation to the Spectrum environment is successful.

  • Customer can successfully validate the Spectrum configuration via Actions->Validate->connection, but cannot Validate the UIM (UMP) connection (where the Operator Console machine is located).
  • Customer also cannot Save the spectrumgtw configuration in the Admin Console.


Popup error:

Validate Connection

“Connection to the specified UMP server failed. Please provide the correct details and make sure that the webservices_rest package is deployed in the UMP Server”

Error Code:


Release : 20.3




To determine if the webservices_rest probe is contributing to the issue, run the following direct call to the Operator Console where the webservices_rest package is deployed:

   http:<oc_machine> /rest/application.wadl

   Example of successful output:

<application xmlns="http://wadl.dev.java.net/2009/02">

<doc xmlns:jersey="http://jersey.java.net/" jersey:generatedBy="Jersey: 1.16 11/28/2012 02:09



<include href="application.wadl/xsd0.xsd">

<doc title="Generated" xml:lang="en"/>



<resources base="https://<hostname>.com/rest/">

<resource path="origins">

<method id="getOrigins" name="GET">





Then hit the url and login:


   username: <username>

   password: <password>


Which should yield successful xml output, e.g.,


Then hit the url:


and login using your UIM/Nimsoft administrator account and password.

If an error is displayed such as:

HTTP Status 500 - Internal Server Error

Type: Exception Report

Message: Pool not open

Description: The server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Pool not open




***This error is normally due to leftover artifacts from previously installed versions of wasp webapps***


You can choose to follow the process to completely remove the old wasp webapp packages or you can set load_on_startup to false.

Listed below are some of the wasp webapps that were old/leftover artifacts, which were interfering with the connection validation and Save operations in the Admin Console.

To work around the issue right away, we edited the wasp.cfg and set load_on_startup to false for the webapps listed below:





For example, via Raw Configure:

In one other related case, the old dapi webapp also had to be disabled/removed.

After making the changes to wasp,

  1. Deactivate wasp, wait until the port and PID disappear then
  2. Activate wasp
  3. Run the /rest/origins call once again to see if it yields successful output and no errors – example below.


  1. Now you should be able to revalidate the connection via the Admin Console and/or Save the spectrumgtw configuration without any further issues.

Note: in some cases, when all else fails, upgrading the UIM environment to 20.4 CU3 and OC 20.4 CU3 has been known to resolve this problem.

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