MUX - Pasting into Grid from Excel Empties Row Below
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MUX - Pasting into Grid from Excel Empties Row Below


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When you copy multiple lines in Excel and paste them into Clarity, the row below gets blanked out.


  1. Start with an Excel Spreadsheet with text in a cell.
  2. In Excel select a cell, press Ctrl-c (or right click and Copy the cell)
  3. Log into the Clarity Modern UX. Access the Project Grid View.
  4. Select a text field cell in the grid (Text 1 for example) and press Ctrl-v to paste into the cell

Expected Results: 
The text should only paste into the cell

Actual Results:
The text will paste into the cell, but the cell below will also be blanked out


Any Clarity release


This was analyzed through DE66472


This is a limitation of the External Vendor Software for the generic grid component. 

The steps as stated under Steps to Reproduce have been used for the following scenario


The same happens when copying/pasting numbers across Per-Period fields.

If you paste the Excel content on a Notepad++ you will notice an additional return carriage and this is what blanks the value of the cell.

If you get the content in Excel and select a single cell in Clarity, the values are spread over the cells at the same position as Excel and the next cell underneath is blanked out.

If you erase the return carriage in Notepad++, and copy it once again without the return carriage, then there is no issue.

If you copy X amount of values in Excel, you go to Clarity and select the same number of cells you want to paste the values on, then the value erase does not occur.

Additional Information

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When you copy-paste multiple lines from Excel to Notepad++ you will notice that an additional line is added with the carriage return. This causing the following line to blank out.