How to upload SCRT report
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How to upload SCRT report


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CA 1 Flexible Storage


How to upload the SCRT REPORT monthly (SCRT = IBM Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool).  I am required to upload this monthly.



This report is the software usage report on the mainframe..  Broadcom customers can use the IBM Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool (SCRT) to produce Broadcom SCRT reports using the ISV (Independent Software Vendor) SCRT reporting features.  The SCRT analyzes a month of data and produces a type of report. By default, the SCRT creates an IBM SCRT report which reports only on IBM products.  The Broadcom SCRT ISV report is a separate report that uses the same SMF data as the IBM SCRT report, but reports only on Broadcom products.

That is, the IBM SCRT report lists only IBM products, and the Broadcom ISV SCRT report lists only Broadcom products. 


In order to upload this report go to:


where you should see this screen:



If you do not then make sure to do a refresh or F5 after displaying this webpage.  

Once you  are logged in you will see at the top a GETTING STARTED tab.


You will have a section in blue that indicates how to generate this report and also shows its instructions that you can click on to see what to do.


Note that the SCRT cannot create both reports simultaneously. To create both reports, you must run the SCRT twice, specifying different inputs that determines the type of report that is produced.  See the online FAQ's for more details on these reports, how to upload and download the reports, information on the SCRT repository, etc. etc.