Financials Module does not appear on Custom Investment in Modern UX
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Financials Module does not appear on Custom Investment in Modern UX


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User creates a new blueprint for a Custom Investment removing some modules and but leaving the Financials module.  All changes are showing except the Financial module is not available.

Steps to Recreate

  1. Create new Custom Investment in Classic view
  2. Enable API, Save
  3. Go to Modern UX
  4. Click in Administration>>Blueprints
  5. Copy the blueprint for the custom investment
  6. Open the copied blueprint
  7. Click Edit
  8. Go to Modules
  9. Remove some modules, leaving financials
  10. Publish
  11. Go to Investments
  12. Click on your custom investment
  13. In the Column Panel flyout, check Blueprint to see it in the column list
  14. Add a line and select the new blueprint that was edited
  15. Open the Investment

Expected Behavior - User can see all changes including the Financials Module

Actual Behavior - User can see all changes but cannot see the Financials Module


Release : 15.9+



This is caused by the user not having the correct access rights to view the Financial Module for the custom investment


The user will need the Financial access rights for this custom investment.  

This can be done manually or via a custom process 

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