User gets 403 forbidden on openapi calls
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User gets 403 forbidden on openapi calls


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


I have a user who has started getting a 403 Forbidden error when trying to use the OpenAPI calls.  I replicated the issue with my own administrator account (which I am still able to login with on the Netops Portal).  I am seeing this in the karaf.log on the DA:

ERROR | 80956328-3345234 | YYYY-MM-DD1 HH:MM:SS,### | AuthenticationServiceImpl | e.impl.AuthenticationServiceImpl 1268 | -services.authentication |       | Unable to validate user '<userName>' against Performance Center. The username or password may be incorrect or the user is not enabled (0).

The users are not disabled and passwords work to log into the Netops Portal.


Release : 20.2


User's password had expired


In this case, we updated the user with a non-expiring password.