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Load a Set of File Names in Devtest Data Set from Mapped Shared drive throwing read permissions error


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Service Virtualization


  • Directory Location
    The full path name of the directory to scan, or you can browse using the 

Does this "path" have to be local to the simulator?  Can we connect to a mapped shared drive?  We tried and we are getting errors.

We tried using the following options:


1. Server name - //ABCCCC17/ABCTesting/Testing/SendSample/V2/ET/samples/9WRK 

2.  Mapped Drive - t:\\\ABCTesting/Testing/SendSample/V2/ET/samples/9WRK 

This works when test using the ITR when the folder is mapped local to the workstation, But Does not work when deployed to the coordinator. 

| Exception: 
| Message:     Error doing random data sets
| Trapped Exception: The dir //ABCCCC17/ABCTesting/Testing/SendSample/V2/ET/samples/9WRK does not exist or cannot be read. Please provide the correct path and verify the dir has read permissions enabled.
| Trapped Message:   


Release : 10.6

Component : CA Service Virtualization


The user did not have enough privilege to access those files 




The directory that the user is trying to access did not have the right permissions. 

for example : /9WRK 

Steps followed to resolve- 

Click on the folder you are trying to access in the network share and click on Object Type,  and add Computer. 

Then , select this computer , as that the local system account will have access.