How to share the BlazeVSE OPLs with different workspaces
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How to share the BlazeVSE OPLs with different workspaces


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BlazeVSE is deployed to an On-Premise Private Location (OPL) in a specific Workspace and MAR Mock Services are running on this OPL.   How can this OPL be used in a different Workspace?


Release : SAAS



As documented in the BlazeMeter Virtual Service Environment Architecture section of the Introducing BlazeMeter Virtual Service Environments article, with the current design of the BlazeVSE, we do not support the sharing of OPLs where BlazeVSE is deployed across Workspaces.  It is recommended that a new OPL be created for each BlazeVSE within a workspace.

Moving an OPL where BlazeVSE is deployed to another Workspace is also not supported since moving an OPL with BlazeVSE deployed from one Workspace to another was never validated.  To move the MAR Mock services running on an OPL in one Workspace to another Workspace, follow these steps:

  1. Stop all MAR Mock Services running on the OPL associated with the current Workspace that need to be running in another Workspace
  2. Create a new OPL and configure its functionality to include BlazeVSE in the desired Workspace
  3. Create the MAR Mock Services on the new OPL in the desired Workspace by deploying the MAR files to the new OPL