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Task properties Save button reinstates deleted ETC values


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Resource assignment is equally spread on task when it is expected to not be.


  1. Log into Clarity as as administrator
  2. Select the Task object from the Administration tab -> Objects 
  3. Select the Views tab then Task Properties -> Layout Edit
  4. Add the ETC field to the General section of the view
  5. Click the Save and Return button
  6. Create a project
  7. Add a task with a start date of 1st May 2021, end date 31st August 2021
  8. Assign a resource to the task
  9. Define ETC 200 on task level
  10. Set the Loading Pattern to Fixed
  11. Set the Time Scaled Value to Monthly
  12. Delete a monthly ETC on resource from either June or July then click the Save button below the Assignment section
  13. Finally click the Save in the General Section above the Assignment section

Expected result: Assignment is not updated as fixed load pattern in respected

Actual result: ETC is spread equally not following fixed pattern but it seems following Uniform


Release : All Supported



This was reviewed as DE61098 and determined to be working as designed. 


When Totals are entered for ETC, the application takes the Resource's daily availability rate into consideration for the duration of the assignment and will evenly spread the amount over the working days as per the daily availability rate. This is regardless of the loading pattern. Loading pattern is used by the auto-scheduler functionality. 

Additional Information

See also: Tasks / Assignments - Master KB for known issues