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MUX Status: up to 100 tasks are displayed


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The Modern UX Status displays up to 100 tasks. If you include more than a 100 tasks on the Status of the MUX, only 100 will be displayed


  1. Go to the Modern UX projects
  2. Create a project and go to the Tasks module
  3. Create more than a 100 tasks
  4. Mark them as a milestone and check the "Include in Status Reporting" flag
  5. Go to the Status module
  6. Status report > Settings > Add the tasks to the Status report
  7. Look at the tasks included on the Status Report

Expected Results: All tasks included for the Status are displayed
Actual results: Up to 100 tasks are displayed


This is caused by DE61100


Fixed in 15.9.3

Please note that 500 is the max limit. 500 Tasks, 500 Risks, 500 Issues & 500 Changes will be shown on the Status of the MUX. 

Additional Information

See also: Tasks / Assignments - Master KB for known issues