Protection Engine Result ID Decomposer 21
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Protection Engine Result ID Decomposer 21


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Protection Engine for NAS Protection Engine for Cloud Services Protection for SharePoint Servers


Scans fail and your logs contain Decomposer 21 errors similar to the following log entry:

Date = Fri May 21 13:07:44 EDT 2021
Event = The Symantec Protection Engine has encountered a scan error
Event Severity Level = Error
Scanner = Decomposer
Result ID = 21
File name =
Client IP =
Scan Duration (sec) = 0.083
Connect Duration (sec) = 0.126
Symantec Protection Engine IP address =
Symantec Protection Engine Port number = 1344
Uptime (in seconds) = 117
Date/time of event(with millisec) = 1621616864823
Symantec Protection Engine Host Name = computer.domain
Process ID = 23653


This error indicates a problem was encountered extracting the contents of the container.


Specific causes for this error vary.  For more specific information, enable CSAPI debug logging, reproduce the error, and then create a technical support case for assistance troubleshooting.

Enabling CSAPI Debug Logging on Windows:

Enabling CSAPI Debug Logging on Linux: