DWH version is wrong (different from Clarity)
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DWH version is wrong (different from Clarity)


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The DWH shows the version is different from Clarity. They are mismatched. How do I get this version fixed?


Release : Any


  1. Drop the current DWH schema 
  2. Restore a new DWH schema, using the backup from $clarity/database/backups
    • For Oracle this would be: dwh_oracle_base, for MSSQL dwh_mssql_base
    • We suggest to use the same schema name to make things simple.
    • This folder contains the blank backups for the same version of Clarity. 
  3. Once this is completed, ensure the DBLINK is set up by connecting the CSA - Server - Data Warehouse and clicking twice on Save
  4. Restart services

Note: Rebuilding the DWH schema can be done if you are not using DWH Trending. If you do, recreating the schema will remove the trending information