Test with admin user after upgrade on SSO
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Test with admin user after upgrade on SSO


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You are planning to upgrade Clarity. You have implemented SSO, and you do not have a direct login to Clarity by passing the SSO. In the process of upgrade, if you have to log in using an admin user account, you cannot.

Can you upgrade with no need to login to Clarity or is there an easy way to disable the SSO like inactivating the SAML Configurations in the New User Experience (UX) admin? How can you test with an admin user after upgrade of SSO?


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Usually logging in directly with the admin user is not needed. For the upgrade you only need the admin user to be there and active for the upgrade in Administration - Resources.

However, if you would like to be having this option, our recommendation would be to disable SSO on this environment before the upgrade. You do not need SSO during the upgrade and this can also help with avoiding people from connecting when you do not want it.

You can do the following:

  1. Connect to CSA - in Server - Application
  2. For at least one app service, uncheck Use Single Sign-On. (You can do for one or for all of them)
  3. Ensure you would be able to connect with a direct URL by changing the HTTP/HTTPS entry URL
  4. Restart the service you changed
  5. Try connecting with the admin user
  6. If everything works, stop services and start the upgrade
  7. After upgrade, connect with the admin users, ensure everything works, and then you can switch SSO back on

Additional Information

Note: It is not possible in SaaS to login to a system via a non SSO account