Investment Sub-object performance
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Investment Sub-object performance


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Performance on Investment-based sub-objects is bad compared to project-based sub-objects when no global rights are granted to the user. 

When OBS level access rights are granted, performance degrades if the sub-object belongs to the Investment object, opposed to the Project based sub-objects


  1. Go to Administration, Studio: Objects
  2. Create a new object that is a sub-object of Investment: KPI Inv
  3. Create a second object that is a sub-object of Project: KPI Prj
  4. Both objects will be available to the project object
  5. Create a user (user1) assigned to the following rights: 
    • OBS level: Project – View  
    • Global:  Projects - Navigate 
    • Global: KPI Inv – Create 
    • Global: KPI Prj – Create
  6. As an admin user, go to a project that belongs to the OBS the user has access
  7. Create a few instances of both sub-objects
  8. Log in as the user1
  9. Go to the project where sub-object instances have been created
  10. Navigate to the project sub-object list - KPI Prj
  11. Click on Filter, Show all, use the filter fields like ID and filter - the performance is okay
  12. Navigate to the investment sub-object list - KPI Inv
  13. Click on Filter, Show all, use the filter fields like ID and filter 

Expected Results: Performance is similar as to the project sub-object

Actual Results: Performance is bad compared to the project sub-object


This is caused by DE59592


This is fixed in 15.9.3