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Error : Ignoring entry when creating CA Directory Policy Store


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Creating a new Policy Store on a new machine as part of a migration
activity. After installing CA directory, the new DSA gets created
using the command :

   dxnewdsa  -t data -s 500 myPolicyStore 4489

I tried to export the ldif file from existing policy store and tried
to import it to new set

  # dxloaddb -v myPolicyStore /tmp/myPolicyStore.ldif

  Ignoring entry: o=mycompany,c=us
  LDAP: invalid oid: smTimeSync
  Wrong syntax for value "smTimeSync" on line 11
  Error while reading from ldif file
  Error while writing db




The new DSA has been created with incorrect prefix


To solve this issue, edit the file :


It should contain this command:

set dsa "myPolicyStore" =
    prefix        = <o "">
    dsa-name      = <o ""><cn "myPolicyStore">
    dsa-password  = "secret"
    address       = tcp "your host name" port 4489
    disp-psap     = DISP
    snmp-port     = 4489
    console-port  = 4490
    auth-levels   = anonymous, clear-password

Replace the prefix and dsa-name:

    prefix        = <c us><o mycompany>
    dsa-name      = <c us><o mycompany><cn "myPolicyStore">