uniexp takes long time to export Job Events from version 5 nodes
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uniexp takes long time to export Job Events from version 5 nodes


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While performing a node migration from version 5 to version 6 changing the target server and exporting objects and job events from the v5 node, the time it takes to perform the export of job events is quite important in case there are many job events in the source node.

Example of results: 

5 hours to export 115000 Job Events from a node 5.6

25 minutes to export 52000 Job Events from a node 6.x

Is there any way to improve the time it takes to export the Job Events from nodes 5.x?



Release : 6.x and 5.x


Sub-component: du_upgrade_toolkit and also uniexp/uniimp commands included in UVMS binaries


Export in AIX takes longer than on Linux/Windows probably due to the specific Java JVM.

Abnormally high (20 last executions) Job Event memorization had been set in most the Uprocs in the node 5.x which is not recommendable, Job Events base must be kept as small as possible and be purged regularly.



Do not export Job Events from v5 node, export then using the command "uxlst evt" instead and then run the necessary "uxadd evt" commands in the target node instead of running the uniimp command for Job Events


The issue does not occur on version 6 nodes where performances are acceptable ( 24 minutes for exporting 52000 Job Events).