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Finding the relevant OID for various metrics and attributes (such as memory) in Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


How can the relevant Object Identifier (OID) in the device MIB associated to an attribute be found?

For example, when an alarm for exceeding the memory usage threshold is raised, Spectrum is basing it on a threshold setting calculated based on the attributes:

NRM_MemoryTotalAttr: 0x3b71af2
NRM_MemoryUsedAttr: 0x3b71af3

From where does Spectrum populate these attributes so that they can be checked in the device MIB?


DX NetOps Spectrum 10.4.x and later


Go to OneClick, select the device model and then select the 'Attributes' tab view.

Set the mouse pointer on the header of the Attributes table and right click. This will bring up a menu from which you enable the OID Prefix:

After that, you can search for the relevant attribute (for example, typing 'memory' in the search field will list all attributes with this in the name) and find the one that matches with the related OID and is external: