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UIM 20.3.X - How to monitor progreSQL databases with MCS


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


This technical document provides an overview of how to achieve monitoring of postgreSQL databases using MCS configuration in UIM 20.3.X. 


Release : 20.3.X



PostgreSQL can be monitoring using both sql_response and jdbc_response probes. 

The UIM engineering and product management teams have created a dedicated PostgresQL template to use with MCS. 

The PostgreSQL Profile is currently CR (Controlled Release) and will be made GA in a future release of the product. No ETA at this time. 

  1. Download & 
  2. Import both packages into the local Primary Hub Archive. 
  3. Deploy the "" package to the Primary Hub Robot (where mon_config_service probe is hosted). 
  4. Access the Operator Console -> Select a Group -> Select the MCS button -> Add Profiles -> The "PostgreSQL" template version 2.9 should now be available. 

- Both packages are attached to this article. Before importing to the local UIM Primary Hub Archive, the packages must be renamed to the expected format (example: & 
- Both & are Controlled Release packages and are still in development / testing before being made GA. No ETA. 
- Packages also available for download via the Archive -> Controlled Release section of the Support.Nimsoft Site: 

Any questions or concerns please contact Broadcom Technical Support. 

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