My Catalog Entries Not Found After Transport of UserGroups
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My Catalog Entries Not Found After Transport of UserGroups


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When upgrading to a new version in a new database (using a transport case to move objects), the My Catalog and Favorites entries are empty for all users of each usergroup.  How can these entries be saved and transported to the new version?


Release : 12.3



It is not possible to move the "My Catalog" or "Favorites" between systems or versions unless using the client copy utility.  The Client Copy utility requires both systems to be on the same version (and in some cases on the same service pack as well).  

This is because the objects are linked to a user or usergroup, not to a folder, and the transport case will transfer folder links only.

So when going from one system to a new database/system, the only way to do this as-is would be to make a copy of the old database database, upgrade that copy, and then run a client copy utility between the old now-upgraded database and the new database.