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How can we change a single setting on the controller probe on a large number of robots?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


How can we change a single setting on the controller probe on a large number of robots?  Normally we would make a "configuration only" package but this changes things like robotip and hub which are specific to the controller probe which is undesirable.


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - ROBOT


In this example we will use "temporary_hub_broadcast = no" as the configuration setting we wish to change;  if this key is not present it will be added, if it is present the value will be changed to "no" from whatever the current value is.  However, this process could be applied to any of the configuration settings for the controller probe, if you know the raw configure equivalent.   (Easiest way to find this is to make the change on one robot in the GUI and compare the robot.cfg before/after making the change, and isolate the changed line(s).)

  1. make the change you need in the GUI for one (non-hub) robot and save the changes/restart the robot.


  1. Now drag-and-drop the "controller" probe from the robot you changed, down to the Archive node:

  2. This will get you a popup like this --

  3. Click "Rename" and rename the file to something memorable; in this case we will use "robot_no_broadcast".
  4. Now you will have this in the archive -- right click and choose Edit...
  5. From here, locate the robot.cfx and right click and choose Edit File...

  6. Now you should delete every line except the first line, the last line, and the desired configuration change (in our example, "temporary_hub_broadcast = no") from this file.  So it should look like this:

    Click OK, then OK again and the package will be saved.

  7. You can now drag-and-drop this robot_no_broadcast package to any other robot with the same OS, and it will make this (and only this) change.



Additional Information

You will need to repeat this on a per-OS basis;  one package for Windows (all versions), one package for Linux, one for AIX, etc (depending on what types of robots you have.)  You would create the package by locating a robot of the appropriate OS, and drag-and-drop it back to the archive again; this will create a similar package for that OS.