How to export full User Information from SOI/EEM
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How to export full User Information from SOI/EEM


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)



Requirement to export information about users and their assigned roles from SOI

Trying to achieve this by using the safex command in EEM. The configuration  XML looks like this:

  <Attach label="SOI"/>
  <Export file="/tmp/SOI.xml" maxsearchsize="20000" globalfolders="n" globalusergroups="n" globalusers="n" globalsettings="n" folders="n" usergroups="y" users="y" calendars="n" policies="n" appobjects="n"/>

The result looks promising:

<User name="abc123" folder="/">
    <GroupMembership>Operators (read-only)</GroupMembership>
    <Attribute name="Suspended">false</Attribute>

However, it is missing First Name and Last Name.
Is there a way to include this information as well?



Release : 4.2

Component : CA Embedded Entitlements Manager



The extra information cannot be extracted where using an external, in this case, LDAP source as user store



Where the user store is external, this information cannot be exported, EEM is not an LDAP browser.

Data would have to be retrieved using an LDAP browser (such as JDeveloper) and a manual mapping of data outputs would have to be done.