Exporting all the virtual service names and protocols to Excel sheet used in DevTest Portal
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Exporting all the virtual service names and protocols to Excel sheet used in DevTest Portal


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Service Virtualization


Is there a way to export all the virtual service names, port and protocols( http/s, MQ) to excel sheet used in Devtest portal or any report can do the same.


Release : 10.6 and up

Component : CA Service Virtualization




As is the functionality of exporting VS names, ports and protocol information to an Excel is not available.

. Workaround to capture the information using an API and Customize it to read and write to Excel file:
DevTest API GET call http://VSEHostName:1505/api/Dcm/VSEs/VSEname will provide the information about all VS's. You can use the Swagger document to see the available API's at http://RegistryHost:1505/api/swagger/.

As a workaround you can customize the functionality by reading the above API call response and capture the information you are looking and save it to an Excel file.

. Workaround to capture VS information from .services file and customize it to read and write to Excel file:
In VSE server, DevTest_Home/vseDeploy/VSE-2013/.services file is used by VSE to know what services are registered and what state they are in. We don't recommend you modify this file. For example, my .services file has the below information.


If you name your VS's with the functionality and Protocol may be reading this file and creating Excel might help.

NOTE: VSE_2013 refers to the name of the VSE and the Port used.

Additional Information

REST Invoke API V1:
Documentation: https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/devops/devtest-solutions/10-6/using/using-the-apis/rest-invoke-api.html
Swagger UI: http://localhost:1505/api/swagger/
Virtual Service Invoke API V2,
Documentation: https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/devops/devtest-solutions/10-6/using/using-the-apis/virtual-service-invoke-api.html
Swagger UI: http://localhost:1505/lisa-virtualize-invoke/api/v2/swagger-ui
Service Virtualization API v3:
Swagger UI: http://localhost:1505/lisa-virtualize-invoke/api/v3/swagger-ui
NOTE: "localhost" in the swagger UI is Registry hostname. Registry must be up and running before using the swagger ui