Getting a 'Type not defined' error in Endevor Quick Edit
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Getting a 'Type not defined' error in Endevor Quick Edit


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Trying to look at a member and can see both the C03MC and C06MC versions.  That is ok.

    Element --   Message    Type    NS Environ  Stage System   Subsys   VVLL

__ LVSPC101                CO3MC      XXXX       2   XXXX     XXXX     0100

__ LVSPC101                CO6MC      XXXX       2   XXXX     XXXX     0105

----------------------------- Bottom of the List -----------------------------


When trying to edit the C06MC Type, get “Type Not Defined” : 

------------------- CA Endevor SCM Quick Edit 18.0.12 ------- Type not Defined

Command ===> ________________________________________________ Scroll ===> CSR


Dialog Commands: +     U AO D PD P UPROF UMSGS AC Blank B CR E C SI G # M O S

                        H LL LC LO LI


Element. .  LVSPC101                                            +

   Type . . CO6MC

   CCID . . ____________  Comment. . ________________________________________


Location:                         List Options:

   Environment. XXXX                 Build Using Map. . . . . . . N (Y/N)

   System . . . XXXX                 Return First Found . . . . . Y (Y/N)

   Subsystem. . XXXX                 Apply List Filters . . . . . N (Y/N)

                                     Display Env/Sys/Subsys List. N (Y/N)

                                     Case-sensitive Elm Name. . . Y (Y/N)

Action Options:

   Override Signout . N (Y/N)        Uppercase Elm Name . . . . . N (Y/N)

   Processor Group. . ________       Preserve VB Record Length. . Y (Y/N)


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The new CO6MC Type was defined in stage 2 of the production environment but not stage 1. 

Need to create the CO6MC Type in stage 1.

1)  Go to the classic ISPF Endevor interface and go to an Environment where the Type is found
2)  Go to 4  ENVIRONMENT   >>  5  TYPE  
3)  Enter the System and  Type and Stage where  the Type is found
4)  Display the Type definition to "pre-populate" the Type definition fields; PF3 back
5)  Enter C on the Options line and specify the Environment and stage where the Type is not found in
6)  Hit enter to create the Type in that Environment and stage
After creating the missing Type definition, check all Environment and stages to verify that the Type definition is not missing in any other stages.