Resetting the iDRAC password from the command line
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Resetting the iDRAC password from the command line


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Security Analytics


If for some reason the iDRAC username and login have been lost or are unknown, the password can be reset using ipmitool


NOTE:  The previous username and password does not need to be known for this process to work.

  1. Log in to the Security Analytics appliance command line interface as root.
  2. Run this to see the current list of all users: ipmitool user list 1
  3. To reset the password for user 2 (which is typically the admin account) run: ipmitool user set password 2 <new_password>

You can also use racadm to reset the password and perform other configuration tasks.  See the following article for details:

Managing the iDRAC from the Security Analytics command line