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DLP SharePoint Solution scan does not scan any data


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Data Loss Prevention Enterprise Suite Data Loss Prevention Data Loss Prevention Network Discover


Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Network Discover - SharePoint scan

A Sharepoint scan returns this information:

Status: Finished
Elapsed Time: 00:00:00:00
Items Scanned: 0
Bytes Downloaded: 0
Items Filtered: 0
Bytes Filtered: 0
Errors: 0

There is no entry in the logs indicating that there was an issue with the scan.

Scans of other SharePoint sites work as expected.


Release: Seen on 15.7 but can affect any version.

Component: Network Discover - SharePoint scan


Letter case mismatch between the scan target and the SharePoint site name.


The scan target was entered in all lower case.
The SharePoint site had some upper case letters in its name.

After changing the scan target to exactly match the SharePoint site name, with the same capitalization, the scan completed as expected.