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OPSBCPII abended after MCL load/rediscover with OPM3092H HWSRC=12 HWSRS=00000C08


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


IBM was doing MCLs on all of our CPCs in one location.  When they were done, I did a rediscover using

"F OPMBCPII,REFRESH.OPSM TOPOLOGY".  It appeared to all go well.

I then tried to do a GET of a LPAR attribute and received an error.

18:22:34,OPFHWS HWSGET1: Error Getting ATTR=OPERSTAT for NEBD:R00E

18:22:34,OPM3092H HWSRC=12 HWSRS=00000C08

OPMBCPII then abended. (IEA995I)  I then recycled it and retried the GET of attribute OPERSTAT for LPAR R00E on CPC NEBD successfully.



Microcode Level upgrade of the CPCs


Release : 13.5

Component : OPS/MVS


Steps to Take Toward Resolution 

Review the logs to determine if any CPCs were able to reconnect.  In the above instance it was found that none did.  In this scenario, the recommendation is to disable the Auto Refresh feature by setting BYPASSAUTOREFRESH(ON) in the OPIICMDS member and manually restarting OPMBCPII following MCL upgrades. Auto Refresh has no way of knowing when the MCL upgrade is complete since there are no specific event to indicate an MCL upgrade has completed.

If Still Not Resolved

If the problem persists, open a support case and provide the following documentation:

  • A tersed copy of the archived OPSLOG,
  • A dump of OPMBCPII
  • A dump of OPMMAIN