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Request event details not captured for MQ virtual services in Inspection view of DevTest Portal.


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Service Virtualization


We have observed that All VSEs are not able to capture the event logs for MQ virtual services however they are responding back successfully and messages are received at client application.

In the inspection view, we see "(no date) (no incoming request found)"

This is happening only with MQ services, event logs are shown for the http services on the portal.


This has been identified as a product bug.


Release : 10.6

Component : CA Service Virtualization


Please open a support case and request for the patch "patch_DE503312_10.6.0_GA.jar" that solves the reported issue. Please note that the patch takes effect only for requests that are submitted after applying the patch. 

Please follow the steps below to apply and test the patch:

Note: The patch is needed only on the VSE server machines

1. Stop VSE Service(s)
2. Copy the patch JAR file to LISA_HOME/lib/patches folder. Please create 'patches' folder is it doesn't exist
3. Start VSE Services that were stopped in step 1
4. Make some requests to the VS that use the old and deprecated IBM MQ steps
5. Check the VS in Portal-Inspection view. With the patch in place, you should be able to see both matching events and request events details


NOTE: If you notice the inspection view still showing "(no date) (no incoming request found)" even after following the instructions above, then make sure the following entry is present in LISA_HOME\ file on the VSE Server

log4j.logger.VSE=INFO, VSEAPP

This fix will be included in DevTest version 10.7 GA.