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What is the difference between the CCS 12.5 Windows Agent version 12.50.10000.1250 vs. 12.50.10001.1250?


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Looking at the CCS Windows agent version on our 12.5 environment, there are 2 different versions shown.  




Why are there are two different Windows agent-only versions in CCS 12.5? 


Release : 12.5

Component : CCS 12.5 agent on Windows platform


There are two agent-only installs for CCS 12.5 - the gold version which is version 12.50.10000.1250 that was only aware of Windows versions up to Windows 2016, and then later on they released a 12.5 agent that supported Windows 2019 (as well as all the other Windows versions) which had the version 12.50.10001.1250.  

CCS 12.5 Windows agent that supports Windows 2019

That 12.5 agent-only install version 12.50.10001.1250 from the link above only needs to be installed on Windows 2019 servers so that the OS is recognized correctly. 


The 12.5 agent-only install 12.50.10000.1250 works fine for Windows 2016 and older versions, and does not need to be upgraded to the 12.5 agent install that supports Windows 2019 (12.50.10001.1250), unless the server was upgraded to Windows 2019 then it would need the newer agent to recognize the Windows 2019 platform.


Remember the CCS components (CCS Application server and CCS Managers) are not supported on Windows 2019 until CCS 12.5.2 (estimated to be released July 2021).

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