Slow refresh of deleted Picklist columns
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Slow refresh of deleted Picklist columns


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Picklist columns refresh slowly


1. Create a new project

2. Click on the Tasks view

3. Click the Board button then View Options

4. Click on Manage Picklists to create a new picklist with 10 choice columns

5. Save the new picklist

6. Select the new picklist for the board options columns and color by

7. Create a number tasks to spread across 5 to 6 of the columns

8. Go back to the Manage Picklists and delete 2 columns that still contain tasks then click the Done button

9. Back at the picklist move the tasks from the deleted columns that displayed grey. The column will disappear as soon as the last task from the deleted column is moved.

10. From another web browser session run the Purge Picklist Data job

11. Refresh the web browser session with the Picklist that is displayed.


Expected Results: The noticeably larger gaps between the choice columns are deleted to make all the choice column gaps uniform.

Actual Results: The noticeable gap remains for 10 minutes and does not remove larger gaps at the same time. The are remove according to the order which they were removed.  

Workaround: Refresh the web browser where the picklist is displayed.


Release : 15.9.1


This has been logged as DE60414 


Fixed in Clarity PPM 16.0.0