Feature Registration Service (FRS) PTF SO15973 support
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Feature Registration Service (FRS) PTF SO15973 support


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How the Feature Registration Service (FRS) is enabled or disabled for Broadcom products after PTF SO15973 has been applied?. 


Release : 15.0

Component : Resource Initialization Manager (Common Services)


After PTF SO15973 is applied, the message CAS9R001I will be displayed on the operator console when starting CAIRIM. 

CAS9R001I Broadcom Feature Registration Service is Active 

 That is all that is needed from a CA Common Services perspective, PTF SO15973 simply makes the service available for other products to use.
By itself, it does not add information for any individual product.
Each product that intends on exploiting this service will provide their own PTF, and they will provide the necessary instructions for enabling the functionality.
No updates are needed to the FXEPRMxx member and there is no way to disable this service, or to disable specific products. 
The Feature Registration Service (FRS) does not use the Product Enablement Policy at all (IFAPRDxx) from a Common Services perspective.
Each product, on an individual basis, will be adding code to call to our FRS during the usage of the product and will provide a PTF for this.
It is up to the products themselves to determine which features are enabled and to call the FRS accordingly.  
The Broadcom vendor slot VS(12) is created during initialization of the FRS, then the CAS9R001I message is issued (Broadcom Feature Registration Service is Active), and product/feature slots will be created as products calls the service. 

See section "Feature Registration Service Now Available (SO15973) (CARS2104)" in "Level Set PTF 15.0.03" from Common Components and Services for z/OS 15.0 documentation.

Additional Information

The PTF SO15973 is part of the General Upgrade (UPGRAD) solution LU04487. Check the previous link to verify which PTFs should be applied for a better experience with Feature Registration Service.