EEM 12.51.3 Vulnerabilities - CA Spectrum
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EEM 12.51.3 Vulnerabilities - CA Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


A security scan on the CA Embedded Entitlements Manager (EEM) installation server reported the following vulnerabilities on port 509:

Birthday attacks against TLS ciphers with 64bit block size vulnerability (Sweet32)

SSL Server Supports Weak Encryption Vulnerability

SSL Server May Be Forced to Use Weak Encryption Vulnerability

SSL/TLS use of weak RC4(Arcfour) cipher

SSL/TLS Server supports TLSv1.0

EEM 12.51.3 is integrated with Spectrum 10.4.0


Release : 10.4

Component : CA Embedded Entitlements Manager 12.51.3


Although from EEM onwards TLS1.2 is supported, the EEM engineer recommends to upgrade to the latest version(  as there are many fixes which are available in the latest version and most of reported vulnerabilities would be resolved with the latest EEM server version.