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Factory reset an iCSP Neural unit without console access


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Industrial Control System Protection


You no longer have access to the SSH console for the iCSP scanner unit and need to set the scanner back to factory specifications


iCSP Neural 6.x


Important things to note before factory resetting the scanner unit:  

  • Be sure to backup the certificate and or keys from the iCSP Neural Web UI before resetting the unit so that no agents need to be reinstalled.
  • The iCSP unit needs to be plugged into the network with a DCHP address assigned, and internet access,in order to have the certificates downloaded and installed

To factory reset the iCSP Neural scanner unit: 

  1. Boot your device
  2. When prompted press the space key
  3. Enter 'r' key as system number when asked
  4. Answer YES to all prompts which may ask for additional information (required)