Clarity Non Prod / Prod still down - upgrade scheduled
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Clarity Non Prod / Prod still down - upgrade scheduled


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Clarity Non Prod Environments such as Dev, PMO, Test are down. This may be noticed during business hours where you are unable to access the environment. An upgrade was scheduled, but how do we know if the down time is expected? 


Check the Broadcom Service Status page to validate whether the upgrade is still in progress. Reference Upgrade Schedule for Clarity SaaS which includes the information regarding this and other frequently asked questions regarding upgrades. See the below for the answer that is referenced in the above mentioned link:

It’s been 24 hours since my upgrade has started, but I haven’t received a completion notification. How would I get the status of my upgrade?
To check the upgrade status, log in to Broadcom Service Status and select Clarity SaaS. If you have further questions on the upgrade, contact Broadcom Support via phone or open a support case.

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