pdm_configure failing in Oracle at the Applying patches step
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pdm_configure failing in Oracle at the Applying patches step


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CA Service Desk Manager CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


Even though pdm_configure verifies the database information successfully (when entering that information), it is failing at the "Applying patches" step.

Configure.log shows:

INFO  PatchDatabaseTask.java   353 Executing altArgs >orcl_check_db -c  -s lvntestlab<
INFO  ?                        ? Process C:\PROGRA~2\CA\SERVIC~1\bin\orcl_check_db.exe completed with exit code 99
ERROR PatchDatabaseTask.java   470 Can't contact the database or (the database is empty and you are not loading data) or (this database is configured for another server).
ERROR PatchDatabaseTask.java   473 Correct the database or vnode if it is not working.
ERROR PatchDatabaseTask.java   474 Reconfigure and acknowledge that you want to reconfigure the database to this Primary Server or reload data if the server name in the dlgtsrv table names another server.

Error messages when trying to run orcl_check_db manually:

# orcl_check_db -c  -s lvntestlab
ERROR: AHD50086:Unable to log in to Oracle Server


CA Service Desk 17.2 and higher


Even though the pdm_configure wizard can validate the database information, the orcl_check_db command cannot identify the correct ORACLE_HOME path.

They are different components.


(1) Make sure the environmental variables are properly set.

The most important variable is the PATH variable:


C:\Program Files\ConEmu\ConEmu\Scripts;C:\Program Files\ConEmu;C:\Program Files\ConEmu\ConEmu;C:\app\oracle\product\19.0.0\client_1\bin;C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Service Desk Manager\bin;c:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SC\CAWIN\;C:\Windows\system32;C:\Windows;C:\Windows\System32\Wbem;C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;c:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SC\Csam\SockAdapter\bin;c:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\bin;c:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SC\CBB\;c:\PROGRA~2\CA\SC\CAM\bin;C:\Program Files\CA\Directory\dxserver\bin;C:\Program Files\CA\Directory\dxserver\dxagent\python-embed-amd64

It is important to have the supported Oracle Client 64 bit (bin folder )in the PATH variable.

(2) In NX.env, make sure the @ORACLE_HOME option is properly set like below:


Pay attention to / or \ in this option.

Additional Information

Additionally, please consider the following:

- Include the tns_admin variable
- Place the 64-bit client path before the 32 bit client path on the SDM Server
- Confirm that 8.3 names are enabled for the drive.
- Examine the dlgtsrv table to confirm server name, noting that Oracle devices are case sensitive

pdm_configure is mean to use 32-bit, not 64-bit libraries.  An error may present referencing "oci.dll", which is a 32-bit library.  Make sure to update NX.env to point to the 32-bit client, and the check to connect to the database works correctly.