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Classic UI - Benefit Plans - TSV does not stop showing values at the end of Plan End Date


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This is an issue with the Benefit Plans available in the Classic UI.

Steps to reproduce this issue are as below:

1. Navigate to the Classic UI -> Home -> Projects -> Financial Plans -> Benefit Plans
2. Create a new Benefit Plan with the following details:
 a. Period Type = "Annually"
 b. Start Period = 2021
 c. Finish Period = 2021
3. Save the Benefit Plan. Navigate to "Detail" tab
4. Click "Add". Provide Description. Save and Return
5. Provide 50000 against Period = 2021
6. Click on Configure -> List Column Section -> Fields
7. Click on Properties of "Amounts By Period". Make the following changes:
 a. Start Date = "Specific Date" = "1/6/2021"
 b. Time Scale = "Specific Time Scale" = "Month"
 c. Number of Time Periods = 12
8. Save and Return to the Details tab.

Expected Results: The amount entered in Step 5 is split appropriately against months. The split value is shown till 2021-12. Zeros are shown from 2022-01 to 2022-05. Note that, in comparison, this is how the Cost Plan Details behaves.

Actual Results: Split amount is shown from 2021-06 to 2022-05. Therefore, incorrect values get shown from 2022-01 to 2022-05.


Due to a defect with ID DE61007.


Latest version tested against: 15.9.2.


The defect is fixed in the following version(s):

  • 16.0.2